NOT-NEGOTIABLE Common Law Copyright Notice

Acting Networks

Common Law Copyright Notice

9th July 2016

1. All rights are hereby reserved with regard to common law copyright of trade-names/trade-marks, as well as any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said trade-names/trade-marks belonging to ©Raymond roger of the family: Palmer-McLeod, which shall include [without limitation] all usernames/handles used in his online activities. Said names may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of ©Raymond roger of the family: Palmer-McLeod (hereinafter known as “Secured Party”), or by his implied consent in the event that he has published, distributed or broadcast any of his intellectual property for educational or entertainment purposes in any medium, which will be automatically revoked in the event of false and malicious statements being made or bad faith being demonstrated by any individual or juristic person…

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